Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thank Goodness for Pinterest

Let me just say I love Pinterest. Love, love, love it. I also am loving TPT..especially the free downloads--(so thanks to all of you who add free downloads!). I am starting to feel more prepared with ideas, well, for the first day of school anyways.
 I am going to start planning out my first day as soon as I can decide which of the awesome activities I've found I want to use. I'm thinking an individual activity for when my students first come in, then maybe introductions, a story followed by a corresponding activity, then rules? Something to that effect. Or maybe rules/procedures will be moved closer to the beginning of the day? Thoughts on that? 
Any advice/opinions/recommendations on the first day schedule?
I am very excited to use many of the great ideas I have found and am sure my students will love them! I will definitely be sure to share the ones I used and my students reactions as they come.
This weekend I am going out to AZ to find an apartment since our house won't be finished being built in time for the start of the school year…especially since our school year starts so early!
Wish me luck! And please, please, don't hesitate to comment with your opinions/advice! 

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